The company designs, manufactures and distributes light-based medical and aesthetic devices, including “Intense Pulsed Light” and “LED” based devices. All Yperion’s products are presently manufactured in house, in France. The Yperion product range complies with all international requested certifications: CE, CE Medical, FDA, Curtis Strauss and more

Medical progress has brought about longer life-expectancy and better health. For social, professional or personal reasons, people are becoming more demanding about the way they look. Aesthetic treatments are an expanding sector.

And yet professional top-of-the-line care programs (Laser Intense Pulsed Light) remain cost-prohibitive and restricted to a small category of people. Treatments costs are directly proportional to the prohibitive purchasing price of equipments, consumables and exorbitant maintenance costs.

Spurred on by this state of affairs, Yperion has come up with a fresh commercial concept which makes state-of-the-art pulsed light solutions and its SPL® Technology affordable for professionals.

Say goodbye to having to choose between quality and price. Practitioners can now offer their clients quality services and at the same time optimize procedure viability through tailored investment.