Sea Bronze

DRV-Phytolab has been in the tanning accelerator and sun protection lotion business since 1993 achieving great success worldwide. However, nowadays it is necessary to develop extraordinary products with a strong added emotional value. "On both sides of the Equator and on every longitude", we find people who enjoy the sun, life and Sea Bronze products. The reason is simple. We think that "the Colour for the Sun" is a good tan you get on a sun-bed and Sea Bronze wanted to change this with : "The marine Tan adventure" formulas which provide a unique golden tan , thanks to its marine based formulation. Since its first tanning lotion, Sea Bronze has used sea-water as a new ingredient. From then on, other componetns originated in the oceans have been incorporated to the brand. All life starts in the sea therefore it made perfect sense to heal and to take care of the skin with what the entire ocean could offer us when ever possible.
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